This page is focused on tips for travelers at JFK or those going from JFK2TLV. (This blog is for the community of engineers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and capitalists of all kinds who find themselves commuting to the Israel from JFK on a regular basis, as well)

The first tip comes from SmartPark JFK:

If you hate when you go to pay for something and you think you know the price and then they tell you another price. Then you will love this place.

There should be interest in this website. Its a great service with the consumer’s best interests in mind. One price Valet Airport Parking. Never extra charges.

It’s early morning. Traffic is building. You are headed out to the Belt Parkway or whichever road you take to get to JFK International Airport and you need a place to park your car while you are away.

We have found that the best place to park your car at is SmartPark JFK.
The price is low. $12 Summer Rate (returns to already low price of $14 daily after Labor Day). No extra charges. You can be late and not have to pay for an extra day. You have a five hour grace period. Our 24 hour day is actually 29.

This company is definitely a company that is looking out for you.

The second tip comes from the New York Blog:

Check out online travel guides for New York City Family Vacation IdeasPlaces to visit  in New York City and New York City Romantic Vacations.

And from the editor – some posts on this very blog of interest to people who live or start their trips in NY:

And a few posts on other blogs:

And some relevant links to TripCart, the Road Trip Planner:


This company, SmartPark JFK, is definitely a company that is looking out for you. Stop by our website and make a FREE online parking reservation TODAY

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  1. Id like to book A ticket from NY toTLV, march 17 night and return march 23 nighttime. and another one same departure and coming back april 7
    if you can please email e asap.
    thank you

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