Quick Tips

With all the great posts – here are the highlights (with links) for the busy TLV » JFK traveller:


100. ElAl has hidden last-minute deals and has dropped Pesach 08 prices

101. Turkish and Olympic airways have the cheapest flights to TLV->JFK

102. Turkish Airlines has changed their Frequent Flyer arrangement to UA (star alliance) from AA (oneworld).


200. Beware Priceline early charge if you arrive before midnight – $250!

201. $500 drop-off fee in nearby airport – negotiate in advance and get it in writing

202.  SmartPark JFK near JFK Airport – No fear of being scammed. One price parking. The Special Summer rate is $12 daily plus NYC tax = that’s all! (rate returns to already low price of $14 daily after Labor Day.


300. Horrible kosher meals on Turkish Airways in Europe

301. Good Kosher dining in Sunnyvale


401. Seatguru.com for picking seats, cfares.com might have good fares from Israel and TripCart.com as a United States Road Trip Planner

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