Welcome to TLV2JFK

Saturday night, kids are in bed or out on the town , bag is packed and the cab is ordered for 1030pm. Half of the Anglo population of Israel seems to be headed for ElAl 001.
Friends, family, bagels and lox on Sunday followed by an intense week of work and then back Thursday on 002 and home for Shabbat. This blog is about us. There are some small variations – some prefer Continental (family in NJ?), many continue on to the Bay area, some don’t even live in Ranana (Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv anyone?). This blog is for the community of engineers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and capitalists of all kinds who find themselves commuting to the New York and the SF Bay area on a regular basis. This blog is for the parents of kids who aren’t sure where there fathers live (plane, NY or home).
This blog is for the people who spend more time at the Duty Free than at Mega.

I have lots to share and have invited some friends and colleagues to share as well. to get the creative juices flowing – here are some topics that are of interest to me:

– Flight tips

– Frequent Flyer topics
– Duty Free
– Hotels – deals, and services
– What to buy for the kids (or the wife or home)
– Restaurants – Veggie, Kosher or neither
– Diversions – evenings, weekends or just a half day slot with a cancelled meeting
– Shabbat – when you get stuck – shul? snooze? ski?

As the blog evolves, this list will change – so lets get started. I suggest avoiding religion and politics. And lets focus on business travel to these destinations. Taking the family to Lubbock? Not interested.

Contact elliot at TripCart.com if you would like to be one of the regular contributors.

2 Responses

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  2. Hi, I may get stuck in JFK for shabbat, do you know if their are any kosher accomodations (kosher hotel, services) in the area?

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