Community of Flyers & Bloggers

If you fly from Tel Aviv to NY or the West Coast and have an interesting blog – we are glad to list you here. We also list interesting blogs without permission. If you are getting too much traffic to your website, please let me know and I will delete.

Yes, you can live in Israel , as Vida tells us in her blog.

David is CEO of Binfire, an Online File Hosting start-up.  He also maintains a nice blog about (guess what?) – Online File Hosting.


The official Zoogmo Blog – Dov Sugarman’s venture – back up your data online

A blog from a colleague in LA that seems to be always in Israel.

Isragirl, lives in Tel Aviv and loves to travel and blog.

The official TripCart Blog, with posts on Theme Parks, Shopping Malls, Ski Resorts, Zoos, Aquariums, Museums and more.

And, results of our reader survey is in.  The favorite shopping malls in the US are:


One Response

  1. My wife’s Great Grandma is going to have her 100th Birthday on 17/8/08 in Kansas city.
    She really wanted to fly in and we were seeking for a good deal since I would have to come along iwht out\r two baby’s under 2 years old on our laps.
    At the last moment she decided it was to expensive.
    Now she is very down but we can’t find a good deal – I mean something that is less than 2500 dollers for both of us and baby’s to JFK.
    Tommarow, Thursday 14/8/08 will probably be the last date we can travel since we don’t travel on Saturday unless we find Tickets on Saturday night straight to Kansas – the Party begins 3pm.
    I was searching the web for hours and It was really nice to see your blog.
    If anyone has an Idea we will be gratefull – be quick!
    We will even mention him to the press which will cover the event.

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