$1 = 10 NIS at Toys R Us

The weak dollar is hurting us all. All of us except importers from the US, that is. So, on your next trip to the states – buy that nice box of lego or the Jansport back to school bags. They are priced in Israel according to:

$1 = 10 NIS or shekel = dime. Approximately.

I looked at a basic $35 Duplo starter set (319 NIS) and a basic $25 Lego box (269 NIS). At Toy R Us.

And, the neighboring bookstore would be glad to sell me a $29 Jansport pack for 250 NIS.

I hate to promote shopping in New York, Orlando or Los Angeles over Shfayim, but Hey Mr. Import Man, play the dollar for me.
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Free Mobile Phone in US

Probably most TLV2JFK readers live a double life – besides taking the kids to school in Ranana – offices in the city, house in Teaneck, family in Queens and of course, a US Cellphone. I don’t – my office, house, family and bank account are all in Ranana. But I needed a phone for a short trip to the states. Cellcom said “Take your good old Israel phone”. They did not really tell me that it will cost more than the flight (I used AA miles!). Option 2 – ask a friend. No luck.

I ended up buying a Virgin Atlantic phone (thanks, Richard Branson) at Radio Shack for $10. Later I saw it at CVS, 7-11, all over the place. Bought time on their website for 10 cents a minute and for $30 I had a phone for 2 weeks. I looked on their site and the deal is even better – free when you buy $15 worth of minutes.

You get your own dedicated number and if you use a service like United World Telecom, you can have calls forwarded either to your US phone or Israel phone, depending on where you are.

Golly, this is even better than working for IDT!

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Cheap Dollar – Buy in USA

My parents would always return from US with 14 suitcases loaded with clothes, shoes, toys, tuna, plastic bags, etc. The zionist reality did not include purchasing low quality expensive stuff in Israel.

While I like a nice trip to the Galleria as much as the next woman – in the past few years buying in the US lost most of its financial benefit. (Losing 2 suitcases on Delta – never to be found, did not help much) .

Now that the NIS/$ exchange rate is so low – it really pays to buy in the states. Todays case in point – crocs

80 NIS ($22) at Nordstroms vs. 200 NIS at LaMitayel

When a commodity product, like crocs cost 2.5x in Israel – take your business elsewhere and tell them I sent you.
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