High Holidays – A time for introspection

With the words “Who Shall Live and Who Shall Die” ringing in my head, I wondered has our blog wronged anyone this past year? And more important – do they care?

SO – I compiled a list of companies that our blog has been critical of and invited their customer support to respond. Lets see if they care what my 1000’s of readers are hearing about their business. Care to place bets Who Shall Respond and Who Shall Delete my Email?

The companies are:

ElAl, AA, Avis, Hertz, Air Canada, Jet Blue, Continental, United, ToysRUs, USAir, US Embassy in Tel Aviv, Loungepass.com, PriorityPass, ZipCar, Amtrak, Expedia, Delta, Israir, LaMitayel, Priceline

I did not include individuals who I gave a hard time to (like Bibi). No way they would care.

While we all wait for results – lets think about Virginia Fall Foliage and Colorado Fall Colors.

An ElAl Delta Docudrama – Episode 1

I am selling out. Introducing a 24 part reality show/docudrama. But its all true. Tune in every week and find out how it works out.

Episode 1 – The bump

A friend of mine (Mr. F) flew TLV-JFK on ElAl continuing on Delta to MCO (Disney). It was a 2 week trip to Florida with friends and family (15 people total). Arrived in JFK. Went to Delta. Printed 15 boarding passes. Walked on to the jetway. “Sorry you can’t board – ElAl didn’t pay us”.

Next week – What??? !!!

But first a word from our sponsor – Only a few more weeks left for New Hampshire Fall Foliage or New York Fall Foliage