Kids are in School, Airfare is Down – Fly to US for Fall Foliage

After 50+ posts about how to fly to the States and back, focusing on preserving your sanity and getting a good deal, I decided (based on reader demand) to write a blog post on what to do in the States. Today is Labor Day and the fall season officially kicks off, at least in the Northeast, so here are some suggestions for Fall Foliage Trips from now until November.

  • Hudson Valley and Catskills Fall Foliage – Could be as simple as a window seat on the Metro-North Hudson Line to Poughkeepsie or as unique as a vintage 1929 biplane ride in Rhinebeck.
  • Heading from NY to DC? Stop by and enjoy Pennsylvania Fall Foliage near Lancaster, which is part of the colorful Amish country harvest scene. Or along the Potomac for DC and Maryland Fall Foliage.
  • Staying in the City? Visit Central Park for New York City Fall Foliage or combine a visit to relatives in Great Neck with a tour of some of the historic North Shore mansions and Gardens for some Long Island Fall Foliage
  • Visiting the Boston area with not enough time to get to Vermont? Massachusetts Fall Foliage is presented in a historic setting at Concord, MA.
  • And to our friends in Colorado, who won’t even acknowledge that Vermont exists (as far as skiing is concerned, at least) – the Colorado Fall Foliage is different. Vintage Train Rides, 14,000 ft snow covered peaks as backdrop for the Colorado Rockies Fall colors and even some Gold mining ghost towns south into New Mexico.
  • My personal favorite is near Pittsburgh. Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece is at its best when the nearby trees are showing the brilliant colors of Southwest Pennsylvania Fall Foliage. Let me know if anyone actually makes it there.

And good news for frequent flyers with busy schedules – the Fall Foliage season is 2 months long – go up or down in elevation (UP = Adirondack Fall Foliage, DOWN = Maine Coast Fall Foliage) or go North (Vermont Fall Foliage) to South (Virginia Fall Foliage). Just make sure to go.

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  2. […] Kids are in School, Airfare is Down – Fly to US for Fall Foliage […]

  3. […] but amtrak may be a better choice then flying in the Northeast corridor. And don’t forget the fall foliage show you will get on some train lines, in season. Related […]

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