Getting to LGA from Manhattan

I usually stay in Manhattan and getting to Newark or Kennedy is easy (max 30 minutes from Penn Station).

This trip – I had to be in LGA at 7am (for an AirTran flight). Cab would probably be at least $40. Israeli car service $30 + tips and tolls. Public transportation is almost non-existent.

This trip – I used Supershuttle. Call 1-800-BLUE-VAN or and they book you a 15 minute slot in a shared van. Time to airport is about 45-60 minutes from Manhattan. Its $18 (including tip) and when you get to the airport your fellow passengers will wish you a good trip. Pass it on.

Price is per person – so if you are not alone – take a cab or Israeli car service.
AND BEWARE – LGA is a really bad airport – lots of delays. Non Existent service in the terminal.

This post is in the category of useful information on the ground. Here is one about buying a mobile phone in the US and this one is how to maximize a new york layover.

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  1. A cab is probably worth the extra $20.

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