Best Seats


More than any other airline, Elal seems to have a completely uneven seat distribution in their coach section. Some seats seem to have all the room (pitchwise) in the world and some wouldn’t hold my seven year old comfortably. I always seem to get the squished ones! Where are the good ones and how do you get them??
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AA/LY Codeshare

In December ElAl and American Airlines announced a codeshare arrangement. This means that you will be able to continue in the US on an ElAl flight (operated by AA). It was supposed to start Feb 1, but didn’t. Lots of points are being discussed in the relevant forums – so far, more questions than answers. What interests me is:

  • Will this change award mileage requirements?
  • Any impact on fares / schedules?
  • What happens to the Delta / ElAl frequent flyer arrangements?
  • Can AA and ElAl use each others lounges?

Stay Tuned

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